Erin Cobb Photography

In 2010 while working out of my home as a professional photographer I received a call to photograph a precious newborn who lived in Huntsville’s quaint Medical District. I loaded all of my equipment, blankets, props and baby necessities into my little car and headed over to meet the little guy.

Predictably, he was adorable. And as it turned out, so was his house.

As I toured the home, looking for the best light I made an off-handed comment to his mother about how much I adored their home. The doorway arches, the vintage telephone ledge, the stained glass window nook…all of it just oozed charm. I might have even made an off-handed comment about how much I would love to buy a house like theirs to move my business into.

And in 2011, that off-handed comment turned into this…

The Cottage. Previous home of sweet baby Owen, and current home of Erin Cobb Photography.

At the Cottage your family will be welcomed with gorgeous gardens for your children to play and be photographed in, and a comfortable interior to relax, cool off (or warm up!) and have a snack before and after our session together.

I chose to call our new location “The Cottage” rather than “The Studio” because it really does feel more like a home and a whole less like work. Your stuffy studio memories of portrait sessions won’t happen here.

So when potential clients ask if I have a studio my answer is always yes…and no. We have all the benefits of a traditional portrait studio (a camera room, a large flat screen television to view and select your portraits, a place for the children to relax) but all of the charm and love of a home. Ask any family who has been here before and I guarantee they’ll say the same thing…the Cottage helps make picture day a joy.

So stop by anytime. The Cottage is located at 217 Longwood Drive SW, just across from UAB Medical School. I’d love to show you what we have to offer…

And I’d love to photograph your own sweet children.

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